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Q: Can E-Drive/E-Move be fitted to my wheelchair?
A: E-Drive can be fitted to almost all major suppliers’ wheelchair models. A bracket is mounted on the wheelchair frame to accept the E-Move wheels. It is easy to transport also in the boot of your car.

Q: Is the product crash tested?
A: The E-Drive system is crash tested and is suitable to be used as a seat in the car if the wheelchair it’s attached to has been tested. The new E-Move is currently under testing.

Q: Can the E- Drive be programmed to suit me?
A: Yes the specialist dealer can programme the chair to suit your needs with acceleration and turning. Has option of driver or carer control options.

Q: Which E- Drive/E-Move wheel sizes are available?
A: Decon offer the biggest range of sizes:
- Wheel sizes for E-Drive: 16” 20” 22" & 24" (Offering the biggest range on powered add ons)
- Wheel sizes for E-Move: 20, 22 & 24''
- Tyres: Air, puncture-protection pneumatic tyres or Solids tyres
- Decon products (Yamaha electronics) but Decon rebuild the wheels, so don’t sell the standard product.

Q: How far can I travel on a single battery charge?
A: With E-Drive range depends on how you use it and take in to consideration hills and user weight normally a range of 15 km (Nimh batteries or 35km with Lion) don’t have to take the wheels into the house just take the battery with you and you can remote charge this from your  E-Move. The battery can be placed at the rear, in a bag or under the seat (on rigid frame wheelchairs).

Q: How do I charge E-Drive/E-Move?
A: Remove the small battery from your chair and place into docking station, charging takes 2 to 3 hours depending on usage.

Q: What speed is E -Drive/E -Move?
A: The maximum speed is 4mph

Q: User weight for E-Drive/E-Move power add on?
A: Both systems are designed for a person weighing 150 kg (25st).

Q: What is the weight of the wheels?
A: 7kg

Q: How can I get an Assessment/Demonstration?
A: We have a national network of Specialist Rehab Professionals that are based locally to do an assessment on the products and cater for your needs.

Q: How many Modes are available on E-Move?
A: There are three Power Mode options:

  •     Power assist, between 0% and 100%, 10%/step (wheel individual)
  •     Straight/turn characteristics, selection of 9 steps
  •     Left/right balance, input/action sensibility selection. L/R 9 steps each.


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What our customers say...

  • I know from my own business that usually people only write in when there is a problem but I should like to break the mould and say a big THANK YOU to Kev in the Parts Department for the quick and valuable service he provided  to me.  The little taxi is running great now.

    -Mr Ralph - Gloucestershire
  • Thank you and your staff for your support of my business. It is a pleasure to deal with a company which goes the “extra mile” to assist a new business such as mine, and although things do not always run as planned, all your office and warehouse staff do their utmost to get me out of the predicaments I sometimes find myself in. They also provide an invaluable service of talking me through technical problems.
    Furthermore I would like to thank the efforts which Dave Holder has made to ensure I can obtain the right stock without overloading me with ‘special offers’ which usually just gather dust and most recently his, and Elaine’s support with the Honiton Show.

    -Martin - Lyme Bay Mobility
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